The historical, political and spiritual heart of Russia over the past 15 years, the capital of Russia has radically changed its appearance, but has not lost its former splendor. Today Moscow consists of wide streets filled with cars, gardens and boulevards equipped for recreation and walks, new blocks of multi-storey buildings on the outskirts, strict granite embankments, ancient sacred monuments and palaces, historical estates.

The charming city contains a huge number of theaters, museums, galleries, as well as colorful restaurants, cozy cafes and trendy clubs.

10 interesting facts about the capital of Russia:

  1. More people live in Moscow than in all the Baltic countries combined.
  2. The area of Moscow is approximately equal to the area of New York.
  3. Ostankino TV Tower is the tallest in Europe. It is one of the ten highest buildings in the world.
  4. The Lenin Library located in Moscow is the largest in Europe.
  5. The world's largest clock, barometer and thermometer are located in Moscow. They can be seen on the MSU building.
  6. The total length of all Moscow streets falls a little short of 4.5 thousand kilometers.
  7. The stations of the Moscow metro, built during the Soviet era, are deservedly considered the most beautiful in the world.
  8. The Moscow Kremlin is the largest active fortress in Europe.
  9. The Kremlin Chimes are the oldest clocks in Russia, they are about 5 centuries old. Their weight reaches 25 tons.
  10. Every day public transport in Moscow transports about 12 million people. This is approximately equal to the population of the entire city.

Moscow is a city that everyone should visit. And not only because it is the capital of Russia. Moscow is an amazing city that combines respect for history and aspiration to the future. Everyone who has ever come here will forever remember the unforgettable atmosphere of greatness and spirituality of the capital. Moscow can be studied endlessly, because so much is connected with its history: any street, any house keeps the memory of people and events.

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